Coroners Court New South Wales

Review of coronial decisions

If you are not satisfied with a decision of the coroner you may write to the Registrar at the court where the death was reported outlining your concerns. You may also write to the NSW State Coroner at the Coroners Court in Lidcombe, Sydney. The State Coroner will review the matter.

If an inquest has been dispensed with (not held), you may ask the Coroner for written reasons for his or her decision, provided you are a person with a sufficient interest in the death. According to the Coroners Act 2009, the Coroner must supply these reasons.

A Coroner may re-open an inquest if the Coroner is of the view that the discovery of new evidence or facts makes it necessary or desirable in the interests of justice to hold the inquest.

You may also make application to the Supreme Court of NSW to review a decision of the Coroner. The Supreme Court can make orders concerning the conduct of a post mortem or the retention of whole organs. It can also direct that an inquest or inquiry be held, where the Coroner has dispensed with one. If a coronial inquest or inquiry has been held, the Supreme Court can direct that a fresh hearing be held if it is necessary or in the interests of justice.

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06 Mar 2024

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